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Date: 11 1, 2017

After a long period of planning and research, the company successfully acquired a single family commercial villa near Beijing's new airport and new zoo. It plans to build a high-end commercial club. At present, the construction drawings have been in the design, is expected to enter the next phase of the overall renovation, new year's day before and after the official operation.

The commercial club is close to the new airport and new zoo, and its superior geographical position makes it have great economic value and potential for appreciation. The construction of the new airport will surely lead to the growth of the surrounding prices, prosperity of regional trade circle and the convenience of transportation. The relocation of the zoo will certainly lead to the prosperity and development of the tourism industry. Residents of the surrounding area has a good audience base, a large passenger flow, with more residents, increasing market demand, commercial area development, the formation of good Jirikedai market area.

After the completion of the club project, it will be used for exclusive reception of VIP and high-level use of listed companies, not open to the public. The plan is only used between within the company and the company's strategic partner, make it become the bridge and link of the company in Beijing, with major industry leading enterprises, take the strategic mode of cooperation, effective service to the company in the capital Beijing, business meetings, corporate public relations and cultural exchanges, VIP reception and other commercial activities, further development of Beijing Tianjin Tangshan the cultural industry center, and across the Yangtze River Delta Area Industrial Zone company.